Welcome fellow Hopscoffers!

My name is Natalie Miller and I am a Caféhopper, Fitnesslover and shameless Vegan Cakescoffer!

Passionate about independent cafés, fitness and Vegan food, Hopscoff brings you a platform to enjoy uniquely designed Vegan products, some lighthearted reading, Vegan recipe ideas, Vegan fitness plans, and the chance to meet other like-minded people… oh and much more!

Forever after recommendations on where to sip your next cuppa, slurp your next coffee or munch your next slab of Vegan cake? With Hopscoff’s reviews, I will share with you an insight into the best places to hop along to. After something quaint? After something quirky? After something a little bit fancaayy? Whatever floats your teabag, Hopscoff has it covered.

As well as recommendations on where to get your daily food fixes and tea doses, Hopscoff brings you easy to follow recipes so there are no excuses for not getting that apron on.

As a Vegan and a fitness fanatic a question I often face is “Where do you get your protein from!?”. To allow you to avoid that quite repetitive question I compile regular high protein recipes as well as fitness ideas to help you reach your #vegains!

I hope this site inspires you in more than one way. Whether you are trying to reach your fitness goals, trying to adopt a more plantbased diet or simply just after some cool organic tees  (and teas), then you have come to the right place!

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Avo lovely day!

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