I knew it wouldn’t be long before I got too bored with hotel life and even on my ‘for once let’s try to relax’ holiday I cannot keep still and needed to venture out and explore. In hotelbreak style (Ok so it isn’t quite the same as Prison Break but humor my wordplay for a moment) we hopped over to Neos Mamaras and found a dodgy looking rent-a-boat Greek man with very little English. We very quickly ended up signing our life away on a contract written in Greek, understanding nothing at all, and with everything crossed we set sail into the ocean. *disclaimer – you should obviously in an ideal world make sure everything is legit before hiring petrol operated equipment, but hey ho I am the intrepid type!* Thank goodness mother doesn’t read my blog 😉

So with captain Goodman taking the wheel I sat like a lady of leisure hopscoff snapping and tanning myself! I did try to drive the boat but got a little bit bored after a while so in these situations we play dumb gals so that we can go back to sunbathing and horizon gazing – thank goodness Josh also doesn’t do blog reading 😉

All I can say is that we had an absolute blast and if the chance should ever arise for you to see an island up close and personal please go for it! We saw some spectacular views and visited a few private beaches. We anchored up and had our own little private beach picnic party equipped with speakers and our selfie stick!



I suppose the point of today’s post is to try to reflect a little upon the consistently growing contemporary need to travel and explore. I have always thought of myself as a bit of a Dora the Explorer; the resemblance is uncanny I do often wander around saying random words in Spanish wearing a pink top and a purple rucksack!

Dora the Explorer herself kitted out with the pink top and purple rucksack on the way to Machu Picchu


Most people often roll their eyes at me exclaiming ‘you are off again!’ and try to qualify it with a ‘we will soon have you back for good’. Ah, for good are words that fill me with dread, similar to that feeling you get when you are just about to finish your last spoonful of cake, or raise an empty mug of tea to your mouth seeing the bottom staring right back at you – we have all been there! This two-word heartache has connotations of eternity, the unknown, the stagnant. You don’t find Dora sat down in one place twiddling her thumbs for too long!

For me I suppose my ants-in-the-pants inability to stay grounded for too long boils down to curiosity with undertones of insecurity complemented with a dash of fear and sprinkled with a pinch of hardheaded independence. Being only 5ft 1″ it’s ever so easy to feel lost and forgotten about in a world so big. Hopping around from place to place broadens your perspective on life, it grows you higher than any pair of heels ever will (and will make you more stable! Gosh how I can’t handle stilettos!). It gives you the opportunity to make your mark, leave a trace, meet new people, build new relationships; seeing the sights of the globe reminds you of the beauty that we have at our fingertips in a world so confusingly in constant turmoil. Quite sensitive and emotional at the best of times some natural wonders have brought me to tears. Although some natives wouldn’t rate the Igassu Falls (Las Cataratas)  I was in awe of the sight and it is still hands down the most stunning thing I have not only seen but experienced in my life.

The Devil’s Throat (Garganta del Diablo) *an original Hopscoff snap*

However, travelling around doesn’t necessarily mean flying halfway across the world. At its core what it symbolises is change; breaking habits and routines, experiencing a new way of living and seeing the world.  Change is something that can make even the strongest of people go weak at the knees. We are creatures of comfort and are reluctant to put ourselves in situations of unease. Change can be as small and mundane as visiting a new coffee shop every month instead of your regular, vouching to try a new vegetable or fruit or even taking a different route to work one day a week.

Having maxed out my student loan on oversea flights over the last 4 years I am going to have to tone down the air miles but that won’t stop Nat the Explorer 😉 Having spent more time abroad than in the UK over the last few years I have often taken my little island a bit for granted. My adventurous side gets maxed out when I am away to the extent that I do slip back into a mundane routine as soon as I hit the runway at Gatwick. I often choose to trade nights out for cosy nights in conserving energy for my next big adventure, a kind of motherland hibernation. But my vouch to you my fellow hopscoffers is to explore the UK a little more – just as soon as I get back from my adventure down under in a month’s time 😉 Despite the petite size of our country, it has so much to offer and I almost feel ashamed that many want to LEAVE rather than STAY. Let’s all try to REMAIN a little longer and enjoy travelling around our local towns and counties (no subliminal current political references intended!).- afterall all good things come in small packages, right?

Cheerio chaps!

Have a spiffingly different day 🙂


Don’t let the sea lay flat – add some ripples to it! (*clarification* this being a metaphor for the changes you should embrace today!)


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