In or out?

Undoubtedly the most topical question of today is Brexit or Bremain? Should Brits have their brew inside the comfort of their home or outside!? 😉 Ah gotcha!

Tea drinking is not only a daily custom but an hourly one where kettle-switch-flicking can become a workout for (so)me! But the grand question is, is a home-brewed cuppa better than what any tearoom can offer you? The jury is out on this.  As this is my last few days ever in Cambridge as a graduand – oooo eerrr! 😉 – I thought it would be only apt to take a look at this hot teapic through some of Cambridge’s finest tearooms.

Lets begin with the cost factor. In case you haven’t already gathered, I am a huge tea fanatic. But admittedly, when I venture out for merienda, a teatime snack, it does often break my heart to pay extortionate rates for something I know I would equally enjoy at home for a drop of the price. The art is in the presentation. Bring me out fine silver or cute china teaware and I go weak at the knees. Bring me out a bog-standard mug with a tea bag thrown in, my heart plummets faster to the bottom than the suspicious-looking-Tetley-like package – ah the thought makes me shudder! In these moments of sheer disappointment I can’t help but think that I could have had unlimited amounts of tea at home in a my favourite mug for no money at all! But this may be the risk you take. If you are stopping by Cambridge and are adamant you want a teapot and loose leaf kind of job Harriets is your place to go!

Harriets Cafe Tearooms 

16-17 Green St, Cambridge CB2 3JU

5 teacups

Loose leaf or teabag? That is the question! If I am paying that slight bit extra I pray that I will be served loose leaf! Or, at most, that I get given a teapot. The Senate, funnily enough, opposite The Senate House, has recently opened up and they serve you tea in an oh so sleek Chinese style teapot. The food served is also scrummy and you cannot fault the view you get from the optimum people-watching spot.

The Senate 

1 St Mary’s Passage, Cambridge CB23PQ

5 teacups

If neither loose leaf nor teapot are available, you are probably thinking well I would have been better off staying at home then, or that there better be a good slab of cake to make up for it! Luckily, Cambridge is not short of tearooms that offer a wide selection of fine cakes. Even though Stickybeaks doesn’t serve you tea in loose leaf form nor with a teapot, their cakes are exquisite and there is always a wide selection available. If you are after that little bit extra and are verging on the hangry side of life, their lunches are also divine as well as their granola breakfast pots. If the sun is out, there are two tables outside at the front to nab if you are lucky. If you want a slightly different tea experience, try their Ice Tea it is refreshingly fineeee!


42 Hobson St, Cambridge CB1 1NL

5 teacups

When it becomes apparent that an out of home tea experience is no better, or in fact verging on worse, than what can be brewed up at home, many tea drinkers often flip to the deep dark world of coffee. Going out for coffee is a different ballgame all together. No fancy home coffee machine will ever give you that frothy artistic finish that a barista will serve up for you. Afternoon Tease, my all-time favourite tearoom in Cambridge has the best of all worlds. They will serve you tea in the cutest teapots and saucers and their coffee is also chap-licking good. If you are also looking for a never fail guaranteed delicious cake then it is your place to go. The brunch is also a must try at weekends. It is actually quiet embarrassing the amount of times I have been to this place and these are only a few snaps I have.

Afternoon Tease

13 King St, Cambridge CB1 1LH

5 teacups

So that is it folks, today take a moment to decide what is important about your brewtime today. Is it the cake? Is it the location? Is it the teaware? Whilst it is lovely to get out and about and have a change of scenery, the heart of afternoonteaing must surely remain at home? Today I am going back to basics and whilst, as you can see, I LOVE to go on tea/coffee drinking and cakescoffing trips, no where makes a cuppa better than I can! 😉


So today if you are pondering the question shall I stay IN or shall I go OUT? Put the kettle and stay indoors with your brew (at least just for today!) – vote REMAIN!

Have a EU-phorically good day!

Grab your favourite mug and enjoy the view from your bedroom window!







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  1. anna says:

    Waiting for the results come in was getting quite stressful… until I came across this!!! Any idea where I could find a cup of tea and slice of cake at 2am..? 😉

    1. Ah I know! I am watching the live coverage!! I could *so* do with a cuppa and a slab of cake right now! 🙁 I may have to make do with digestive biscuits haha!

  2. anna says:

    Argh don’t know why it links my name to the wrong blog all the time – it should be

    1. Thank you for the link! I will check it out 🙂 x

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