Blooming Beaches 

Whilst it is supposedly summer here in the UK, the other side of the globe is in the middle of winter.  I did have initial reservations about travelling to Australia during the cooler months but even though it was cold in Sydney, it had nothing on our drizzly grey British January. The clear blue skies left you with that ‘oh it’s lovely and fresh’ sensation. That winter fresh feeling is one that us Brits are not acclimatised to. You will know what I mean if you have gone on a pre or post xmas city break to another country in Europe. You don’t mind the piercing cold because there isn’t a cloud in sight and the sun shines so bright you still wear your sunnies and sit outside to watch the world go by.
Despite it being winter in Oz, blooming flowers nor trips to the beach are put on hold! Soaking up the winter rays strolling around Sydney’s finest gardens and beaches are a must do on any visit down under. Whilst you are in London’s cleaner, sunnier and better half, there are a few hopscoff recommendations of things to do (and eat and drink!).

In Sydney one of the main tourist attractions is the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb where you get fantastic views of the harbour, the Sydney Opera house and the Sydney Skyline no matter what time of the year it is. This is a must do and you will not be left disappointed!

Make sure you are well watered and fed before though as the climb will take approx 4 hours! There are some cute cafes to visit before you begin your knee shaking ascend to the top. Among these include The Tea Cosy, The Rocks Cafe or the Aussie famous Guylian Cafe. If you are lucky enough to grab a seat, Pancakes on the Rocks is also a very popular stop for both savoury and sweet pancakes.

In the distance, next to the Sydney Opera House you will see the Botanical Gardens. Follow the Harbour all the way around through the gardens to reach Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, a lookout point to get a view of Sydney’s top two icons.


Taking time to stroll through the gardens is definitely worth it – just make sure you dodge the runners that are out about at all times of the day!


Next on the to-do-list in Sydney has got to be the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. Or if you like to go against the grain like me, the Coogee to Bondi path 😉  This famous walk will take you past many of Sydney’s finest beaches and in the summer months I can imagine this 6km walk taking you all day as you periodically stop for a dip and a sunbathe. Being a bit on the chilly side, this walk took me just under 2 hours and I sandwiched it in between two must visit fuel stops. The first is Coogee Pavilion located on Coogee Beach, funnily enough! It’s dazzling decor and scrummy menu is perfect for a pre or post walk stop. I opted for a pre-walk sticky chai tea which was delish. Whether you come here for brunch or just a caffeine stop you will have a whale of a time!

The walk was extremely peaceful and there was hardly a soul insight. Again, I can imagine this path being chocka in the summer months. Along the way you will get some stunning views and the end of the path will bring you to the famous Bondi Beach.

After snapping away and taking my time to look at the wall art at Bondi, hunger pangs suddenly struck! They began to increase as rapidly as my overdraft expenditure. There was suddenly no time to gorp over Aussie lifeguards…brunch was calling! Located on the North end of Bondi Beach you will find Speedo’s Cafe… the epicentre of coolness in Bondi. The menu is vast offering healthy smoothies and breakfast bowls, avotoast and eggs and also something sweeter for those in need of an urgent sugar rush.


Avotoast with halloumi and poached eggs and a Morning Energiser Smoothie


Nutella Syringe Cronuts :O

Ah the cronut! This is a marvellous creation that kicked off in NYC and is starting to make its way to London although it is not yet well established. It is however well known across Sydney and it is a beautiful match made in heaven of a donut and a croissant! This Nutella cronut from Speedo’s cafe looked heavenly bad! I only wished I had had enough room to eat one 🙁

If you are in Sydney and on the hunt for the best cronuts in town, go to Brewtown Newtown. This coffee hideout is out of the centre in Newtown but it is worth a visit. I had the banoffee cronut but there were so many to choose from!

Last but certainly not least on the Hopscoff Sydney reccomendation list is a visit to The Grounds of Alexandria. The only way to describe this place is a flower power non-cheesy 70s farmland. Equipped with flowers, food, tea and coffee what is there not to like!? The only way to really capture this place is through photos. And even photos do not do it justice…

Take a weekend stroll over to The Grounds to catch the Farmer’s Market and to stop and have brunch…

…and a teamonade!! 😀

…or hot tea?!…


…and maybe a cake…


..and lastly a donut! 😀


Have a blooming marvellous day!



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