So how much thought do you put into making your cuppa in the morning?

I presume for many of you this daily (or hourly!) ritual has become nothing but muscle memory.

Grab kettle. Fill kettle. Flick switch on kettle. Get mug. Plonk in the teabag. Kettle goes ping. Fill mug with hot water. Grab teaspoon (or aspestose forefinger and thumb). Swirl tea bag around. Dunk a few times. Lift out. Grab milk. Drop milk in. Swirl around one last time. Drink. Smile.
There are of course variations of the above for those who God forbid throw in sugar. Or for those who put milk in BEFORE the tea :O. But you get the gist.

For those who have found themselves in this vicious cycle have obviously not discovered the world of loose leaf tea. For those who have been following Hopscoff for a while now will know I am a huge advocate of living loosely 😉

I know I know, a lot of you may be thinking ‘yes I know that loose leaf tea is a lot better but I just can’t be bothered with the ag*!(*agrevation/effort). If this sounds like you then read on as I introduce you to the world of T2.


I first discovered this Melbourne brand of tea whilst I was travelling around Australia and I am pleased to say that little over a year ago a store popped up at Bluewater.


T2 takes loose leaf to whole new TEA-ir! The store is equiped with not only teas galore but also funky equipment to make your daily tea intake as smooth flowing as it can possibly be. I was fortunate enough to be given a master class by the extremely knowledgeable Tea Masters to show me the ropes and get my tea skills up to scratch.

I was firstly introduced to THE MOST revolutionary piece of tea equipment I think you will ever come across in your life, the loose leaf maker.


This is essentially a little contraption that allows you to put your loose leaf into the jug-like-teapot, pour your hot water straight into it and then allow to steep. Once the timer is up you place this over your mug and simply push down. The hot tea will filter through. No additional strainer is needed! You can then pop open the jugpot, as I call it, pour out the contents and then rinse out. There is even no need to wash it up thoroughly. I just allow it to soak every so often for an hour or so et voila!

Now many people think of tea as your classic English Breakfast builders tea. But I will tell you something for nothing, this tea isn’t grown in England, it isn’t only drunk at Breakfast and it isn’t only drunk by builders! 😉 Time to open your eyes to the true world of tea. What about trying a tea that tastes of Bounty? or Ferrero Rocher?  Yup it is possible!

T2’s ‘Bounty Bar’ Tea


Next up is the Ice Tea Maker. Thought you could only have tea hot? *Buzzer sound* you would be wrong! There is nothing more refreshing than an ice cold tea to cool you down.

This Ice Tea Maker is perfect for both steeping and storing. It has a removable filter that allows your tea to do its thing for the required amount of time. You then pop out the filter and pop the tea in the fridge to cool down. Add ice, garnish with some juicy fruits and enjoy! Who needs Love Island when you have paradise awaiting in your own back garden 😉

Drinking tea is most certainly a mastery. Before being educated by the T2 MasTEAers themselves I had no idea that white tea actually has more antioxidants than any other type of tea and that matcha tea is actually ground tea leaves which is why it is a superfood with some many health benefits.

I urge you to head on over to T2 and try out some of the teas on offer. In store they have a brewing station and will offer to brew up any tea you would like to try – they will even pop it into a take away cup for you!

But if you don’t fancy having a drink then why don’t you just go and gorp over the stunning teaware on offer!

Happy tea drinking all!


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  1. Wonderful! SUSSEX dwellers – never fear! For those who are in the Arundel area why not pop down to Edgcumbes and explore our loose leaf tea range. We are always on hand to show you how to brew your leaves using some of these innovative items you have described. Have you heard of the ‘infinitea’ maker? Similar to the one you describe in your lovely blog and available from us online or in the shop here at our tea blending site!

    1. nataliecmiller says:

      Oooh I haven’t heard of the infinitea maker! I will have to give it a go 🙂 Making my way down to you is still on my list of things to do! Hopefully soon 🙂 x

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