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Singapore Slings, Smoothie Bowls, Sea and Sand – need I say any more? Are you ready to be teleported across seas on a yummy adventure to Singapore and Bali!? BUT before I go any further, if you haven’t already checked out my Vegan Abroad Youtube montage video here, then please check it out!

For anyone who follows a Plant-Based diet and is into fitness, going abroad can actually be quite daunting. I know, I know, such 1st world problems, the uneasy feeling of going on an amazing holiday, please shut up right!? But in all seriousness, sometimes I forget that my lifestyle is still very much not considered ‘the norm’. In my kitchen I have all the tofu, nutritional yeast, veggies and protein cookies I desire! It is only when I am going out to eat or going abroad that I realise how much of an inconvenience I can feel to others sometimes when I shouldn’t  🙁

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom and times are changing. We have see a rapid increase in plant based options propping up everywhere! In this post I am going to talk about some of the great places I visited in Singapore and Bali for yummy Vegan food.


Marina Bay Sands 

img_20180530_234456_982204895046.jpgThe Marina Bay Sands hotel is the iconic image of Singapore and we were so fortunate to stay there. The Hotel is big, like HUGE.. Breakfast options were…there – fresh fruit, cereal, bread and soya/almond based cold coffees. For dinner, there were no strictly labeled Vegan options which doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t any, so don’t get freaked out – you just have to sniff them out!

Buut let me save you the trouble, Ce la Vi is by far the best option if you are looking for a fancy dinner with INCREDIBLE views. I munched my way through avocado sushi to start and then a big bowl of tofu and broccoli which left me stuffed!


Another fab location is heading over to the Fullerton Bay Hotel where you can actually get views of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel whilst watching the light show (starting times 8pm and 9pm). They have a great Vegan falafel dish that I highly recommend. I didn’t get a snap of it but checkout my youtube video for some footage!

Whilst you are in Singapore you have to go to the Botanical Gardens to see all the beautiful flowers and, of course, go to the flower domes at Gardens by the Bay. In one of the flower domes there is a restaurant called Pollen. I unfortunately didn’t get to go there but they have an amazing Vegan tasting menu and lots of great looking food so I highly recommend buzzing over there 😉

There was so much yummy food I think I missed out on but if you have some more time than I did here are some places I had tracked down beforehand and was hoping to go to. If you go, let me know what they were like!:

  • Real Food – 6 Eu Tong Sen Street
  • Veanburg – 44 Jalan Eunos
  • Well Dressed Salad Bar – 282 South Bridge Road
  • Original Sin – 43 Jalan Merah Saga



Awww Bali! Although there were options in Singapore this place was OOZZZING with delicious plant based food!! Lets start in Ubud, the first place we traveled to. We stayed at the Mansion House Hotel which, again, had some options for breakfast but I wasn’t too overwhelmed – fresh fruit and cereal (I had to ask for soya milk). Dinner and lunch options weren’t bad at the Indochine restaurant. There was a vegan curry and some tofu summer rolls with a Peanut Satay sauce which were DIVINE!

This was enough to tie us over for the first day, and then come day 2, glorious food piled into my body. Just a mere 5 minute walk away from the hotel there is THE SINGLE BEST RESTAURANT I HAVE EVER BEEN TO FOR VEGAN FOOD! Not sure if I should repeat that again!? It is called MOKSA. No vegan can go to Ubud without coming here. We actually went back twice and considering we only had 4 days in Ubud, that just goes to show how good it is. The first time we went for dinner and I had tempeh for the first time ever, and also purple sweet potato for the first time ever – talk about breaking some serious vegan virginity! Both were amazing. So much so that I now buy tempeh on amazon and alternate this between tofu 🙂

The second time we went back for lunch and I had a green smoothie and bbq tempeh ‘ribs’ (oh yes, stocking up on the tempeh!).

To be honest, I thought I had already hit a Vegasmic height at this point, but it did just keep on getting better and better. After our lunchtime visit we went to the centre of Ubud where there is an array of cute boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. After our obligatory visit to the monkey forest we went to Tukies Coconut shop. This place is a specialist in all things coconut, and yes that includes coconut ice-cream and coconut float mango smoothies – you heard it here first ;)! Not only did I get to slurp my way through this delicious drink, I also nabbed myself some local muesli which made my breakfast the next day a whole lot better!

The next day took us to whole new levels… quite literally, we went to the Bali Swing. On the way we stopped by Watercress Cafe to grab some lunch. Tempeh salad and a kombucha was on the menu for me – delicious!

The evening took us to Copper Kitchen, which was a beautiful restaurant. I annoyingly don’t have any pictures as I had a bad flare up of IBS on this night but I promise the food was good!

The next day saw us walking the Campuhan Ridge Walk and slurping on dragon fruit smoothies at Alchemy. Oh and there were a few Vegan chocolate nibbles on the menu too 😉 You know those people that say ‘oh its too warm for chocolate’? They are liars.


On our last day we opted to put our culinary skills to the test, well my skills as Josh has zilch cooking skills :L Ketuts Cooking School was a blast. You cook soo much food, which of course you get to eat, and it is all delicious. If you opt for the Vegetarian menu, this is also Vegan. You are cooking your own food so you can see exactly what goes into it!

With our bags packed and our bellies full, we headed off to Seminyak…

I feel like this post is getting a bit too long but stay with me as we are reaching the finale! Seminyak is by far the best place to go for plant based food, is has so much Australian influence that it takes me right back to my time at Byron Bay eating Acai!

I was most excited to go to Kynd Community, and it didn’t disappoint. Its stella instagram worthiness aside, everything on the menu is plant based and everything is delicious. When I open my own Cafe, I want it to be exactly like this! I, of course, went for the smoothie bowl and an iced coffee and Josh went for the Vegan breakfast burger. Baring in mind Josh isn’t Vegan, he was lapping it up!

In Seminyak we stayed at the W Hotel which was fab. Vegan options were in abundance. Each of the Hotel’s restaurants (Starfish Bloo – Tempeh Salad, WooBar – Vegan burger, Fire– Vegan Pizza) had their own Vegan menu. We therefore had no reason to move. And we didn’t! We went out for breakfast everyday and then spent the whole rest of the day at the hotel. Eating. Sunbathing. Eating again. Sunbathing again. Then Dinner.

If you give the WooLounge 24hour notice they will even organise a Vegan Afternoon Tea for you – it will be rude not to right?

So hotel covered, I will move onto the other places we went to for breakfast. Next up was NOOK. A beautiful setting, overlooking the rice paddy fields, I ate my Nalu smoothie bowl and just slipped into my zen state of blissfulness.

I was keen to also go to Tetsuo across the road for dinner but we never got around to it (and by that I mean we were too lazy to leave the hotel!)

I was tempted not to mention Cafe Organic as I regretfully have to say I didn’t really rate it there 🙁 For completeness, here is what I had. I just didn’t really like the taste of the pancakes and the coconut cappuccino was too sickly for my liking.


Our last breakfast was at Coffee Cartel and we actually went back there again as it was that good! The first time I was mesmerised by the selfie coffee :L I wasn’t sure if it was cool or lame but I enjoyed the novelty! The Vegan Hot Smackcakes were to die for! I am not actually sure of everything they had but all I know is that they were delish! On day 2 I opted for a savoury breakfast – a VERY rare occurrence for me! I did it purely for blogging purposes so I could show you different photos :L but I am so glad I took the leap of faith as this scrambled tofu and tempeh muffin was yum yum! I washed it down with a Banana protein smoothie 😛


There were so many other places I wanted to try so again here is a list and let me know how they compare:

  • The Lawn Canggu (Roku Cafe)
  • Sisterfields
  • Revolver
  • Remix Juice
  • Peleton Vegan Cafe (very sad I didn’t make it here!)
  • FINNS Beach Club
  • Strawberry Fields

Right I think that is about everything from me! If you do fly over to Singapore or Bali soon and try out some of these places, I would love to hear what you think 🙂

Ciao for now!

Nat x

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